Evaporative CoolingEvaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling is a very common form of cooling buildings for thermal comfort since it is relatively cheap and requires less energy than many other forms of cooling. Evaporative coolers are colloquially referred to as desert coolers.

Split System CoolingSplit System Cooling

Split system airconditioners can be used to cool separate rooms which gives you the ability to choose which rooms you want to heat or cool and at what time. That also gives you control over how much you spend on running costs. If you just want to do a lounge room on a hot day then the rest of the house can be closed off.

Cooling Spare PartsCooling Spare Parts

MCG Airconditioning & Refrigeration has a large range of spare parts in our spare parts division. If you are looking for something specific or need someone to come and repair your current installation, call MCG Airconditioning & Refrigeration for a competitive quote today.


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