Maryborough Airconditioning

MCG Airconditioning & Refrigeration, operating in the Maryborough area since 2004 and have an extensive knowledge of refrigeration, cooling & heating products.

Specializing in refrigeration systems, split system air conditioning, refrigerated air conditioning, cool rooms, evaporative cooling & ducted heating.

At MCG Maryborough Airconditioning & Refrigeration we are an excellent choice when it comes to meeting your cooling & heating requirements.

Our cooling systems come with a 5 year warranty

Split System Cooling

Only cool the rooms that are in use with multihead systems mean more than one room can be cooled by a single external unit.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling uses the process of water evaporation to lower temperatures.

Ducted Cooling

Ducted cooling cools the whole of your house by way of a central controller. Cooling may be zoned, allowing control of temperature in different parts of house. Ducted units can be reverse cycle, providing a heating & cooling solution in one.